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How to Choose the Best SEO Software

Search Marketing Tools, SEO

Trying to choose the best SEO software for your business is like trying to select tile for your bathroom. You have to understand your size requirements, what material you want to work with, how much space you have to fill, how easy it is to install and use, your available resources, and what features you want that will bring a smile to your face for years to come. If you have done any research at all, you already know that there are literally hundreds of SEO software solutions, all claiming to be the best. So, how do you choose the best SEO software that is right for you? Consider these 5 criteria when weighing your options.SEO

SEO Software Features

When you choose the best SEO software for you, your business, and your website, it should include all of the features that you need to help you make smarter decisions faster. After all, the sole purpose of adding SEO software in the first place is to make your life easier. Critical features like search engine submissions, competitor analysis, channel analysis, keyword ranking data, on-site content and technical monitoring and suggestions and a lot more should be at the forefront of your decision. If a particular SEO software solution does not have everything you need, or conversely, has more than you need, then look for that perfect fit. Paying for items you do not need, or paying for software that does not improve your knowledge of how your website performs, benefits no one.How Easy It Is To UseIf you are anything like me, you are probably not an expert when it comes to coding your website, and dissecting complicated software solutions to work to your advantage. Who has the time for that? You certainly do not. When you choose the best SEO software for your company’s needs, look for a solution that matches your skill level. The user interface and the system itself should be simple and easy to use, even for beginners. Processes and procedures should not be too confusing to use. If you are going to use SEO software to your advantage, then simplified data that you can take action on faster is what you need.Reporting Functionality the Meets Your NeedsYou are busy, right? You need an SEO software package that is easy to use and offers information in an easy to digest format. If you are going to stay ahead of the curve with regard to SEO, you don’t want to spend a lot of time analyzing spreadsheets, but rather taking specific action to actually move the needle. After all, reports do not directly improve your search results, but the information uncovered that you improve on your website does. Make sure the reports are simple, actionable, and customizable to your specific business needs.

Initial and Ongoing Training and Support

No matter if you are a beginner in the world of SEO, or a more advanced optimization expert, the software you use to analyze data and take action on can make all the difference between faster results and no results at all. You want to choose the best SEO software that offers initial setup support, as well as ongoing training and support that you can rely on at every step on the road to success.Consistent and Regular UpdatesThe landscape of SEO changes quite frequently. As such, so should the software you use to monitor your SEO. It should consistently and regularly update its software platform to stay up to date on search engine changes. One minute you could be focusing on getting as many back links as you can and then Google or Bing devalues quantified back links as part of their algorithm. Your software should update to both tell you a change has occurred as well as help you refocus your energy toward a more meaningful task. When choosing the best SEO software for your business, strongly consider how often your intended solution is updated.

Considering the above factors as you choose the best SEO software, you should be able to identify which solution is best suited for your needs. If you commit to a software package and it does not match your expectation, get rid of it and try another. With so many options, there is definitely the right one out there tailor made for you and your business. Remember that with the best SEO software at your immediate reach, you can achieve page one results sooner than expected! Find more information about local seo here:

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