Monthly Archive: August 2015

Avoid these Common Recruitment Mistakes

ForApplicantsimg1Successful recruitment will largely affect any company’s performance. If wrong job fit is assigned to a person, the entire company will have to suffer. Hence, recruitment must be taken seriously and done more effectively. While recruiting, do not judge the basis of social media appearance. As a recruiter, you must be thorough about your company’s culture. Whether a candidate is fit for your company’s job or not, is an important question that needs to be answered. Do not take too long to reach after interviewing a person. Take decisions in less time, later you can damage the matter due to over thinking.

Ask relevant interview question. Frame a few questions that will reveal the true attitude of the person. In today’s world, efficiency is important, but right attitude makes greater difference. When you find the right candidate, offer them decent package for their talent and work he or she will be doing. Give them the perks of training and development programs or bonuses. Sometimes, contract jobs can be a good option. People who want to try out variety can go for contract jobs. Do not discuss about the job position solely from your perspective. The candidate’s perspective need to be considered as well.

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