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Key Differences Between Business and Personal Car Insurance Policies

Key Differences Between Business and Personal Car Insurance Policies

Many people think that arranging auto insurance is a complicated task. Therefore, they may think that insuring a fleet of company vehicles will be too tricky to even tackle. Considering the coverage requests will be similar, the only thing you need to overcome is the overall arrangement. Take the company needs into account instead of individual insurance

Personal Auto Insurance

Most cars are bought for personal use such as going to work, traveling for essential needs and pleasure. Usually, they have one or two drivers and mostly they are family members or life partners. They are not advertised for gainful activities and kept at home when they are not being driven around.

Insuring for any damages and injuries you may cause to third parties is mandatory in the United States of America before you can legally drive a vehicle. This requirement applies to every vehicle regardless of the purpose and ownership. Furthermore, every driver must be covered one way or another before they can use cars owned individually or by employers.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

An automobile policy bought for personal use does not cover business activities. For example, you cannot start carrying paid passengers in your private car or use it for your flower delivery business unless it is properly insured. In the same way, when you are using a company car it is for the purpose of making money for your employer. Therefore, it should be covered under an appropriate commercial policy.

Key Differences Between Business And Personal Policies

Essentially, both commercial and private policies will aim to protect for the same type of risks. However, the level of risk will be different depending on the commercial use of the autos. They will be driven by employees, not owners who care a bit more. Vehicles may be modified to carry the tasks better and they may vary in purpose. On the other hand, the type of cars for a family and where they might be used is pretty typical to work out.

Small business car insurance may only cover two or three cars. But a larger company will need to insure a fleet of vehicles. They may be the same type of cars, vans or trucks. In that case, it will be easier to have them covered with one multi-vehicle policy. However, it will be slightly trickier but you can insure all sorts of different vehicles under one commercial policy.

It is normally not a bother to buy off the shelf private auto insurance. There are many standard packages from various insurers to choose from. On the other hand, most sizeable commercial packages will need to be a custom policy to meet the needs of that organization properly. Those will be blanket coverage including many vehicles and drivers.

Essentially, you are not allowed to carry out any gainful activity or charge money for transporting goods and people in your private car. As soon as you do, you will have to include business usage. It may be possible to include this within a standard private cover when you are running a small trade and have only one car for both home and shop uses.

When a company car causes injuries and damages to other people, both the driver and the employer can be sued separately. Furthermore, companies will probably insure against the injuries employees may suffer while driving for the business. Those aspects should be considered and appropriate additions and endorsements made in a commercial policy.

Otherwise, the considerations for the protection of the vehicles are the same. Both individuals and firms will want to insure against fire, theft, collision, weather and accidental damages. Majority of those requirements can be met by comprehensive and collision coverage.

Most automobile insurers will be able to handle custom packages of any size for any businesses. You can find them here at and discuss your requirements, get quotes and buy whatever type of policy you need.Related posts:Cancelling Automobile Insurance Policies With Minimum HassleBuying Sufficient Policy Coverage For Cars Owned And Driven Minimum Legal Liability Auto Insurance Cover And Some MoreReverse Engineering An Auto Insurance Policy By Looking At Possible Losses

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Electrical Components – Best Brands to Use

Electrical Components – Best Brands to Use

How Your Electrical System Works

This section of the Electricians Texas website covers various brands of electrical components like breakers, outlets, and wiring.

Most homeowners will limit electrical repairs to changing out a light switch or outlet, replacing a worn circuit breaker or perhaps rewiring an electrical device like a garden well pump or old lamp in need of a new electrical cord.electricians

The most important thing to remember when doing these repairs, aside from general safety precautions when dealing with electricity, is to make sure you use the proper replacement parts.

Take a light switch for example. Most people would just run up to the hardware store and by a new switch. Many would determine what switch to buy based on price.

However, you need to make sure you get the proper switch for the job. What is the amp rating? Does your house have copper or aluminum wiring? Is it a standard switch or 3-way switch?

And what about replacing a breaker in your electrical panel? Do you know what type and brand to replace it with? You need to see who manufactured the panel and then use that manufacturer’s breaker.

In Buffalo, the most popular breaker manufacturers are: Square D, General Electric, Federal Pacific, Thomas and Betts, and Westinghouse. Here is a great website where you can type in information on your existing circuit panel box and it will tell you what breaker to order:

When it comes to wiring, the most important consideration is to use the proper gauge. Wiring comes in different sizes depending on the circuit amp requirements and number of wires, or conductors. So, if you have a wire in your home that feeds a standard electrical outlet, it will have two conductors… the black wire which is the hot leg, and the white wire which is the neutral leg. It will also have a ground wire but this is not considered a conductor so is not used to label the wire.

Depending on how much current flows through the wire, it will be rated by size and the electrical industry uses a set of numbers to indicate this size like, #8 gauge or #12 gauge. They combine the wire size with the number of conductors and name the wire like that. So, a typical circuit might have a wire labeled, 10-2.

This means it is 10 gauge and has 2 conductors. It is absolutely vital to choose the right size wire for the amp draw of a circuit or appliance. If you are replacing the power cord for an appliance that is rated at 10 amps, would you know what size wire to use?

Here is a great site that has a chart for all the amp draws and wire sizes to use for those draws:

So, do your homework and get the proper components and make sure they are rated for your electrical requirements. You will be glad you did and can rest easy knowing you have done the job right!

Complete Plumbing Repairs

Complete Plumbing Repairs

Don’t continue looking at your old shower or tub and wondering why it hasn’t been replaced! Restore the beauty of your bathroom by getting rid of that outdated tub or shower and installing a new one. Call us to get expert Texas shower and tub services today! Click here to view our current specials and discounts. Plumbing Repairs

Some people are looking for a way to upgrade their bathroom without doing a full-scale bathroom remodel. The easiest way to do that may be to replace the bathtub or shower. Some people want to take their time in planning their remodel, taking a portion of the remodel on one minor project at a time. They may start with the lighting or consider replacing the bathtub initially. If you’re looking to replace your shower or tub, call Complete Plumbing, Heating and Air Inc. today and see how we can help you accomplish this without any stress on your part.

If you’d like to see what residents of Texas, and the surrounding areas are saying, visit our reviews and testimonials page here.

How do you know its time to replace your shower or bathtub? Well depending on what you’re looking for in your bathtub, it could be one of several reasons, the most common of which you can find below:Tub discoloration

When the tub becomes discolored, the rest of the bathroom may end up looking dingy and dreary. Having the bathtub replaced can give the bathroom a different look. Since the bathtub is often the focal point of a bathroom, homeowners pay particular attention to discoloration when determining whether or not to get a new tub.Walls surrounding the tub

When the walls surrounding the tub begin to deteriorate, it may be time to consider upgrading the bathtub, many homeowners reason. The bathtub walls may be outdated and no longer add anything to the aesthetics of the space. A liner or a new bathtub altogether may be what is needed to cover the wall surrounding the tub. An instant upgrade is often the choice when people begin to notice that the walls are in poor condition.Remodeling inspiration

It only takes a minor change in a bathroom to get the creative juices going for some. A quick coat of paint or the addition of decorative elements to the bathroom may be all that’s needed to inspire a full on upgrade. Modern elements against the backdrop of a dated tub make for a lackluster finished project. Adding a new tub is one of the simplest ways to get more results from minor makeover efforts.Changing health needs of loved ones

Sometimes the home has to be modified to accommodate someone with special needs. If a person is injured or becomes disabled, there may be a need for some modifications to be made to the bathroom. The tub may need to be refinished or replaced altogether to facilitate easy entry to the bathroom space. One of the most important things to consider is safety. Replacing the bathtub for a disabled loved one makes life easier and empowers the individual.Whether you decide on relining, replacing or refinishing a tub, Complete Plumbing, technicians are there to assist. Give us a call today and we can help you install your new shower or tub however you want it. Complete Plumbing repairs

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